Case Study Linda Community School, Lusaka, Zambia

A monitoring & evaluation visit was recently carried out at Linda Community School in Lusaka, Zambia. This school started working with Camara Education about 4 years ago. A number of students and teachers were interviewed during this visit and here is what some of them had to say:

The computers have been very helpful to the learners and made it easy for them to undersMrs Doreen Nzali, Headteacher, Linda Community School and her studentstand the lessons as they are able to see and use the things we are teaching them”. Class teacher Mr Mwamulowe speaks about how the Camara eLearning centre has made a difference to their school.

“We are so grateful for the donation we have received from donors in Ireland. We hope they will continue to assist this vulnerable community, more especially in information and communication technology, and infrastructure”. Mrs Doreen Nzali, Headteacher, Linda Community School

We learn both theory and practicals in Computer Studies. Before the computers were brought, we only used to learn theory, We learn a lot of things from the eLearning centre which will help me further my education”, Caphas Cheelo, age 16

“It is easier to practice and improve our ICT skills which will help me and my friends perform better in the exams and it will be easy for me to fit in well in the work industry as almost every job out there requires one to have some computer skills” Gift Khawala, age 15

Illustrated here are some of the very positive findings from the visit:

Results from the latest survey into the benefits of ICT learning on students in Linda Community School

The educational performance of the students has improved in Computer Studies and others subjects as they are able to research on the computers and learn a lot of things on their ownKnox Handindo, Computer Studies Teacher, Linda Community School


from left to right - Gift Kahyata, Emmanuel Banda, Isaac Mwale, Emmanuel Tembo, Adrian Shawa, Cephas Cheelo, Yvette Chisaka, Memory Banda

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