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Refresher Training for Teachers

Camara Education’s team in Kenya recently completed Refresher Training sessions for teachers in five counties — Mombasa, Kilifi, Makueni, Kajiado and Uasin Gishu.

This training was part of the STEM STEPS Project, with support from Dell Technologies, and serves a number of important purposes:

  1. Updating Skills and Knowledge: Technology evolves rapidly, and refresher training helps teachers stay up to date with the latest ICT tools, software applications and teaching methodologies. It ensures that teachers have the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively integrate technology into their teaching practices.
  2. Enhancing Teaching Practices: The Refresher Training equips teachers with innovative instructional strategies and techniques for integrating technology into lesson planning, content delivery and student engagement. It helps them leverage ICT tools to create interactive learning experiences, promote critical thinking and facilitate personalized learning.
  3. Improving Digital Literacy: Not all teachers may be proficient in using ICT tools and digital resources. Refresher training provides opportunities for teachers to improve their digital literacy skills, including computer proficiency, internet research, multimedia creation and online collaboration.
  4. Promoting Student-Centred Learning: The Refresher Training empowers teachers to adopt student-centred approaches that prioritize active learning, collaboration and inquiry-based instruction. By mastering ICT tools and resources, teachers can facilitate student-led projects, problem-solving activities and assessments that promote deeper understanding and engagement.
  5. Addressing Classroom Challenges: Teachers may encounter various challenges when integrating technology into their classrooms, such as technical issues, digital distractions and accessibility concerns. Refresher training provides strategies and best practices for overcoming these challenges and maximizing the benefits of ICT in education.
  6. Supporting Differentiated Instruction: The Refresher Training helps teachers differentiate instruction to meet the diverse needs and learning styles of their students. Teachers learn how to use technology to provide personalized learning experiences, accommodate individual learning preferences and support students with special needs.
  7. Fostering Professional Growth: Continuous professional development is essential for teachers’ growth and effectiveness. The Refresher Training offers opportunities for collaborative learning, peer sharing and reflective practice, enabling teachers to continuously improve their teaching skills and adapt to changing educational contexts.
  8. Preparing for the Future: In today’s digital age, ICT skills are essential for students’ future success in higher education and the workforce. The Refresher Training equips teachers with the tools and strategies to prepare students for the demands of a technology-driven society, fostering digital citizenship, critical thinking and lifelong learning skills.

Overall, Refresher Training plays a crucial role in empowering teachers to harness the power of technology to enhance teaching and learning outcomes, promote student engagement and achievement and prepare students for success in the digital age.

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