Empowering Girls’ Education in Tanzania: A Visit from WAGE

Camara Tanzania was honoured to host a group of remarkable ladies from Ireland in February. These ten inspiring women formed a group that they called WAGE (Women Advocating for Girls’ Education), dedicated to advancing educational opportunities for girls in Tanzania through Edtech.

During their visit, the WAGE group immersed themselves in the vibrant educational landscape of Tanzania, engaging directly with students and teachers. Their journey took them to several schools across the country, where they witnessed first-hand the impact of their support and shared valuable insights on the importance of girls’ education.

In Dar es Salaam, they visited Jamhuri Secondary School, Uhamiaji Secondary and Aboud Jumbe Secondary School, where students and staff warmly welcomed them. The exchange of experiences and perspectives was enriching, highlighting the transformative power of education in shaping young minds.

In Arusha, the WAGE group had a memorable experience at Arusha Secondary School, engaging in meaningful discussions with students about their educational journeys and aspirations. The interactions underscored the critical role of mentorship and support in empowering girls to fulfil their potential.

WAGE’s commitment to supporting girls’ education in Tanzania has been invaluable. Through their fundraising efforts, they have contributed to advancing educational opportunities in ten schools and their focus on girls’ education reflects a deep understanding of the systemic barriers that hinder girls’ access to quality education and the urgent need for collective action to address them.

As we reflect on the visit of WAGE we kindly invite other individuals to join this initiative and fund schools. We can assist with fundraising, and if you can visit us in Tanzania, our local team will help to organise the entire trip, including a rest and recreation trip to Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Mt Kilimanjaro or Zanzibar. Contact us at

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