Kisuani Youth Polytechnic educating thousands with the help of Camara Education Kenya

Kisuani Youth Polytechnic (K.Y.P) was established in 1968 in Majengo, Kenya. K.Y.P has delightedly grown from strength to strength over time and in 1990 it was one of 64 Polytechnics across the country upgraded to offer Artisan courses. Through consistent improvements of its services and skill up-gradation courses, the institute has evolved into a thriving establishment; a statement which would be difficult to utter if it were not for the help of Camara Education Kenya.

As an institute whose vision statement is “To Consistently Offer Better, Relevant, Affordable and Quality Vocational Skills Training to the Community”, K.Y.P has been a grateful receiver of both Camara Kenya’s computers and assistance. Camara has not only been supplying K.Y.P with computers since 2008, the technical team have also been there to offer support and guidance throughout. Ambrose Mwachibua, the ICT instructor at Kisuani Youth Polytechnic, is more than appreciative of Camara’s support; “Camara Kenya have been providing the computers at an affordable rate, so that ICT and E-learning can reach as many people as possible. We are glad that we have good partnership with the Camara organisation”.

A grateful glimpse into Kisuani Youth Polytechnic’s eLearning centre.

At present, K.Y.P have both Kenya National Examination Council Artisan courses and National Industrial Training Authority on offer. With courses such as CCTV Camera Installation and Maintenance, Computer Maintenance and Repair and Computer Studies at hand, Camara’s computers have continuously supported students of K.Y.P on their journey to education.

Kisuani Youth Polytechnic has assisted in helping thousands of students to discover and achieve their aspirations by providing a pathway for them to gain employment. As well as educating young individuals, K.Y.P strives to change the lives of adults looking to engross themselves in education in order to change their current circumstances. With continued guidance from Camara Education Kenya, Kisuani Youth Polytechnic has the opportunity to provide individuals with the chance to better their present and create a promising future through technology enhanced education.


K.Y.P blog post image 2
Student’s hard at work in the eLearning centre.



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