Camara Education’s impact brought to life in interview with 13 year old Florence

Florence Kambole is 13 years old. She lives within “walkable distance” of her school- Chitanda Primary in Matero, Lusaka, Zambia. It was here that she was first introduced to Camara’s computers at the age of 12.

From assignments to educational games such as Zuma; the computers have assisted Florence in a vast array of areas on her journey to education.

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Florence Kambole; student and enthusiastic user of Camara computers.

She has found that using Camara computers has assisted her in her understanding of ICT, in turn, it has increased her interest in learning: “Using computers make it easier for us to understand Computer Studies. Computers make learning very interesting. Before we received the computers, it was difficult to practice what we were learning in ICT.”

Her enthusiasm with regards to education has grown since the Camara computers were introduced to her school; mentioning that she has spent more time than ever before in school since the computers arrived: “I spend more time in school than I used to before we had computers in the school.”

Even at 13, Florence has already recognised the significance technology enhanced education will have on her future: “I believe being educated will help me have a better future. The things we learn on the computers will help me get into college or university.”

With high hopes for the future, basic computer skills are necessary for her to succeed and excel: “When I grow up, I want to become an accountant. My dream is to become a leader in the government”.

Florence is one of over 24,000 Zambian students Camara Education has impacted. We are constantly striving to rise this figure and inspire young individuals like Florence to improve their life opportunities.

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