Dell funded eLearning centre broadening horizons for Kenyan students and teachers

A recent visit to Mombasa, Kenya allowed Camara Education’s Maria O’Brien encounter first hand the impact technology enhanced education has on students; one school in particular stood out to her.

During a visit to Tom Mboya Boys school in Mombasa, Maria immediately stumbled upon a yellow poster, a poster which exhibited the significantly low investment the government contributes to the school; some as little as 1 euro per learner per six months.

A startling sight; the poster which displayed the government’s contributions to the school.

A pleasant occurrence transpired following this initial encounter; she experienced the significance of the Camara computers to the learners. Tom Mboya Boys school is an appreciative receiver of Camara’s support; including a Dell funded eLearning centre. An eLearning centre which, Maria noted, the children “refused to leave”. Maths games and learning about mountain formations are two of many educational activities the learners partake in with the assistance of the Camara computers.

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Students of Tom Mboya boys school in the Dell funded eLearning centre.

Though, not to overlook the teacher’s impact on the student’s education. Mr Bai; who is both the Senior and the computer studies teacher, was voted second in the county for the Best teacher award. An achievement made possible through Dell’s funding, Camara’s continuous work and undoubtedly; Mr. Bai’s passion for teaching.

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Pictured is Senior and Computer studies educator Mr Bai; voted 2nd best teacher in Mombasa.

Tom Mboya Boys school is a particularly incredible illustration of the impact integrating I.T into education has both on the learners and educators. Both Mr. Bai and the learners are the embodiment of the positive effects technology can have on both the providers and receivers of education.

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