Launch of new e-learning centre in Shimelis Habte Secondary School in Addis Ababa

We recently launched a new elearning centre in Shimelis Habte Secondary School in Addis Ababa. This was done in conjunction with our partner Dell who has provided a grant of €520,000 in cash and computers as part of a €9.7m project to support 1,250 schools in Ethiopia. We received significant media coverage about this trip – you can read more on Ireland’s national broadcaster’s website here and in The Irish Independent here.


While there we met with quite a number of students who talked about the hugely positive impact a technology-enabled education was having on their lives. We caught up with Haregewoin Ababu, an 18 year old student we first met 4 years ago when she took part in a UNESCO-sponsored video. This video had to be conducted in Amharic as Hargewoin had limited English. Now she has fluent English, is preparing to go to university to study Computer Science and won a scholarship to study coding at weekends in a top college for 9 months. Of her experience with a Camara technology enabled education she had this to say:

“It has improved my life a lot. It has enhanced my interaction with my classmates and teachers. It makes school more interesting and has played a crucial role in enabling me to go to college.”



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