Parting thoughts from John, our outgoing CEO

As I finish my near eight year career with Camara Education, our wonderful communications team have asked me for one final blog. How can I possibly summarise into a short page what has been the greatest privilege of my professional career? I could talk about the work we do. However, like life, it’s not about the journey but the people you meet along the way. People that I have been very privileged to meet and who inspired and continue to inspire me.

People like Edom Mesfin who told me that one day she will be Prime Minister in Ethiopia:

Copy of Edom Mesfin Assai Public Secondry Sch

People like the students of Mbheni School in Mombasa, Kenya, who took to the streets to raise funds for their eLearning Centre so they could have a world class education:

Mbheni-Camara Walk For ICT 2

People like Asma Jabir, Head of Bondeni School who so succinctly and beautifully said ““Computers are important because it makes the world small”:

Asma Jabir, Head Teacher at Bondeni Primary School, Mombasa

People like Patience Kamuche in Mombasa, Kenya who told me that access to technology in school is helping her realise her dream of becoming a neurosurgeon:

Patience Kamuche from Ganjoni Primary School, Millionth Digital Literate Child

People like the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins who said “Digital technologies transform the teaching and learning experience as they open endless possibilities in classrooms. Wherever a student is learning around the world – access to a rich variety of digital resources can expand their horizon”:

David Soanes (3)

People like the late Demissew Bekele who was instrumental in Camara’s establishment in Ethiopia. Demissew had a desire to ensure every child worldwide had access to a quality education and was one of the most inspiring passionate people I ever met:


John it is just left for us to say thanks for your legacy, we will miss you and we hope we do you proud as Camara Education continues to grow and impact millions more children.

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