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World Bank Partnership in Ethiopia

Late last year, Camara Education Ethiopia signed an agreement with the World Bank to become a partner in their project entitled ‘Response – Recovery – Resilience for Conflict-Affected Communities in Ethiopia’. The recent conflicts in various regions of Ethiopia, on top of the grave human suffering that they caused, resulted in the destruction of countless schools and their infrastructure. As a result, many children were deprived of an adequate education for years. Through this new partnership, Camara Ethiopia is being funded by the World Bank to assist in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of schools affected by conflict. The highlights of our participation are: 

  • Digital Learning Centres to be established in 100 schools
  • 3,500 computers to be installed
  • 550 teachers to be trained in the use of IT in education.

Here, some of the equipment is being checked and despatched from our offices in Addis Ababa.

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