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Maintenance and Support: a hidden side of our work

Maintenance and technical support are a crucial part of Camara Education’s work with schools, especially given the often hot and dusty climates where we operate.

The first priority is to check the hardware, ensuring both external and internal parts are clean and free from dirt and dust, helping to prevent overheating and maintain optimal airflow, performance and reliability. We’ll perform software updates and review functionality, performance and usability based on user feedback. Data backup and regular checks for disk errors safeguard important files and prevent data loss due to hardware failures or accidental deletion. And finally our technicians ensure that network infrastructure components such as switches and routers are properly performing and reliable.

These maintenance practices ensure the smooth operation, security and reliability of the computer lab hardware, software and network, enabling students, faculty and staff to maximise their productivity and utilise lab resources effectively.

James Jira at Kamulalani Secondary School

James Jira is one of our technical officers in Kenya, working in particular on the digital learning centres that form part of our STEM STEPS partnership with Dell Technologies. Here, he is carrying out regular maintenance visits to schools and installing one of our high-end servers in a secure cabinet. This provides a physical barrier that protects the server from unauthorised access, tampering and damage. It also helps create a controlled environment for the server, shielding it from dust, dirt, moisture and other environmental hazards. This helps maintain optimal operating conditions and prolongs the lifespan of the vital hardware.

Makueni County Technical Training Institute

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