Dell Remote Server

Remote monitoring is up and running. In Ethiopia our partnership with Dell Technologies has enabled us to set up a high-end Dell server to monitor school and student progress remotely. The server is tracking usage data from 5 schools including Assai secondary, pictured here.

Assai Students

Camara originally worked with this school back in 2014, but we have now gone back to replace their equipment with 25 new computers and a networked eLearning centre. 

The students were quoted as saying they want to use the technology a lot, starting by studying for their next exam with the computers. We will be able to monitor their activity remotely, ensuring the sustainability and effectiveness of the centre.

Camara Staff using Dell remote server at Camara HQ
Mikias Ephrem, and Amanuel Mebratu from Camara Ethiopia, analysing the first data set received from Assai secondary school through Dell’s high-end server

As well as being beneficial to the Camara team supporting the implementation of the project, this information will also be helpful to school leaders for future planning and reporting. It will also enable us to provide data-driven support remotely.

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