Empty completed lab, Bole Kale Heywet Secondary


Our Ethiopian hub faced a host of problems delivering services in 2021, chief among them the ongoing problems caused by Covid 19 and the country’s internal conflict. Despite these issues, Camara Ethiopia achieved or surpassed its targets for the year in almost every area. Our ongoing project in co-operation with the Ministry of Education to set up e-Learning centres in schools across the country continued, with 301 new centres established during the year. This was the one metric on which we fell just short of our ambitions (see table below), but we installed more desktop computers than targeted – 8,152 – trained 2,022 teachers, also above target, and impacted the lives of almost 303,000 students, again surpassing our objectives.

Our thanks and congratulations go to all the team in Ethiopia! 

TargetAchieved% Achieved
Desktops dispatched8,0008,152102%
e-Learning centres set up32030194%
Educators trained1,9202,022105%
Learners Impacted231,670302,972130%

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