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Camara is proud to be launching a new website which more fully reflects the work we do in Africa and our new secure partnerships for handling IT equipment. Please check it out: you’ll find stories and videos outlining our operations, along with comprehensive explanations of how we operate.

These are some testimonies from students and teachers that didn’t make it onto the main website:

“My name is Ruth Shimels. I have been a student at Abenezer Academy in Gelan, in the Oromia region of Ethiopia, starting from kindergarten. Currently, I am in grade 8 and 15 years old. Last year when I was in grade 7 our school started giving us the IT class for the first time and it was a new experience and we found it very exciting.  Previously, we were taking IT class on paper and it was not easy for us to understand computers in general, let alone to work out how to use them. Now, thanks to Camara, we are learning IT with real computers. I can honestly say that these Camara computers have helped me on my maths skills now that I get to practice more.  And I can access different exams from the past so that I can practice to improve my scores. I believe my future is brighter and I want to become an architect when I grow up.”

Ellensdale Primary is a school located in the rural area of Chongwe District, Zambia. Mr Banda Alick, a Computer Studies teacher, assesses Camara’s impact:

“Before we received the Camara equipment, we only had three computers in the school which we were using to teach all the students. We had a ratio of 20 students to one computer. After receiving 40 computers from Camara, the ratio has reduced to one student per computer.  This has made my teaching easier. My classes have become more interesting as all students participate when I am teaching and they are very excited to go to the computer lab. There has been significant improvement in performance due to increased access and usage of computers.”

“My Name is Hiwot Alemu. I am a grade 10 student at St John Baptist de la Salle School in Ethiopia and I am 16 years old. So far the computers that we are using are very helpful and we are using them to improve our academic performance. I have used a computer before but these are way better than any I have previously been able to access. It’s easy for me to do my assignments now. I study Biology, Physics and Chemistry with the support of the videos which made it so easy to learn and not to forget.”

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