Sometimes it is good to remind ourselves why we do the work we do, so here are some stories from users of our ICT club at Ganze Girls School in Ganza, southern Kenya.

“I would like to thank STEM STEPS with all my heart for the impact you have made in my life and the lives of all the other girls in my school. Today, I am a member of the school ICT club to mould me through its quality education and also through the well-designed activities. My gratitude is extended to my ICT teacher and the club patron, Mwanahamisi Kahindi who taught us wholeheartedly and spent many hours helping us to gel into the ICT Club. I am currently a form 4 student having a dream to become a Database Analyst. I would not be able to say this if it were not for the seed patiently sown in me, which is already bearing fruit. Thank you for your love and support Camara Education and Technologies.”

Jane Dzidze, ICT Club member

“When I joined the ICT club, I was kind of scared about technology because I thought I would mess up and look dumb. My teacher developed an Individualised Technology Education Plan which outlined some goals for me. We started with easy technologies, added some frequencies that I would use and now I am using all the technology like all the other students.  I’m not scared of learning new things anymore and the skills and technologies I’m learning are looking awesome on my Studies. Thank you Camara and Dell for the positive futures empowerment for upgrading the lab and supporting the clubs”

“I get to learn and play using technology everyday! My school is so cool!”
  -Purity Neema age 19

“I taught in a traditional classroom and always tried to use technology. However, the technology and training provided by Camara Education and Dell Technologies improved my teaching skills to align with the technology. At the school, we successfully set up an ICT Club and the computers provided have excellent ICT professional development. Our students have grown academically by working with ICT equipment. The ICT Club continues to grow and succeed in this school. Students can view both online and offline club activities on the computers and I provide them with more stuff for more information and assign them with activities, where I can monitor their progress. The activities give immediate feedback, we take a short review period to make sure all the Club members are mastering the concepts, and then move on to ICT-based learning in individual, small and whole group activities using the information and technology presented.”

ICT teacher and club patron, Mwanahamisi Kahindi

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