Our Interns Cohort May - Aug 2021. after E-Waste Collection (1)


Camara Education Kenya has for years been providing opportunities for interns from various educational institutions across the country. University and college students taking courses related to information technology get vital practical experience, helping them into employment.

This year, 17 interns spent three months working out of our office in Mombasa, under the watchful eyes of instructors Teddy Gwadiva and Peter Keah. One of them, Lucky Moiben, explained:

”I applied for the internship program at Camara Kenya’s offices in Mombasa. After going through the orientation program, we were inducted into real situations, solving and troubleshooting problems with computer hardware, software and maintenance. I gained a lot of hands-on skills, which I had just read about in theory while I was at campus. Here I could learn in a real situation, taking a problematic computer and restoring it to its normal function. I was also introduced to Linux, open-source software which was new to me since I was used to the Microsoft Windows operating system. I particularly appreciated the good relationship between staff and interns. The staff were welcoming and always ready to assist where an intern needs help.”

Nixon Ngonyo, also from Mt. Kenya University Mombasa branch, added:

”At the university I had done the theory part of the course, but here I was introduced to the real world of information technology. The past three months at Camara hub has been a tremendous experience which will stick with me for life. I joined hungry for knowledge, and fortunately I was received and coached by well-trained and experienced instructors. I can vividly recall one day when the whole staff joined us for an E-Waste collection exercise. The way they interacted with the interns was amazing. At the beginning every intern thought it would be a tough challenge, but the involvement and good humour of the staff meant that by the end of the day everyone was happy and satisfied. I look forward to finding a place of work with a working environment similar to Camara Kenya.”

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