Camara’s Impact on Education in Ethiopia

With the advent of newer and better technology in the education sector coming through to schools and classrooms across the world, Camara Education has been at the forefront in implementing simple technologies to improve education sectors in some of the most challenged environments across the world.

Camara Education has been engaged in the Ethiopian education sector to improve access to educational resources across the country.  This effort started in 2014 with an agreement with the Ministry of Education to provide schools with computers loaded with digital educational resources. Since then, Camara has worked unfailingly to provide good quality educational content to the most remote and disadvantaged schools across the country.

In addition to providing computers to these schools, Camara has been extensively training educators and school leaders in the usage and maintenance of provided computers and their requisite e-learning centers. These activities have allowed Camara to expand its activities in more regions, case in point Camara has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Regions (SNNPR) Education Bureau for the provision of e-learning centers in the region.

The success of these activities is due to two major facts: the first being the close collaboration and engagement with regional and federal government representatives in the education sector and other relevant stakeholders; the second is meeting and exceeding our targets and the breadth of interventions that we have across the country.

Upon time of publishing this blog 460,790 learners in 1054 schools across 5 regions were able to take advantage of the integration of technology into the classroom. Overall, 7242 educators and school leaders were able to take part in our capacity building training as part of delivering 25,918 computers into these schools.

As part of our future strategy we are working on integrating impact measurement tools into our current programme and developing a communication strategy to effectively measure and communicate our impact. We hope to achieve these by identifying areas in which we can improve our reach and impact , as well as strengthen our close collaboration with the local stakeholders, such as the Ministry of Education and local and international organizations.

This month we have a busy schedule in terms of our activities and one of them is to prepare for the upcoming Africa Code Week which is a yearly movement which teaches coding to children in one week which we are implementing in Ethiopia with various partners. We will be posting our activities in upcoming blogs but for now if you need more information on us, and Africa Code Week you can get it through the links below.

| Camara Website | | Africa Code Week |

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