Impacting Learners’ performance in Science, Technology and Mathematics Education (STEM) subjects in SNNPR, Ethiopia

Impacting Learners’ performance in STEM subjects in SNNPR, Ethiopia

On Friday October 26th, the Camara Education fully funded project called: “Impacting Learners’ performance in Science, Technology and Mathematics Education (STEM) subjects” had its official kick-off during a well-attended field visit in Silte Zone at the Worabe secondary school, in SNNPR, Ethiopia. Planning and Resource Mobilisation Directorate Director, School Improvement General Directorate Director, Directorate Director of Center for Education ICT (CEICT), and Sr. Expert  of M&E and Resource Mobilization were among the participants from the FDRE Ministry of Education. In addition, an Education Councillor from the Finnish Embassy, ICT Directorate Director form SNNPR Education Bureau, Silte Zone Education Office representatives, school directors, parents, teachers and learners participated in the programme.

Together with the SNNPR Education Bureau and Silte Zone education office, Camara Education is implementing a pilot project in 5 secondary schools in Silte Zone: Impacting learners’ performance in STEM (2018-2020).

With the implementation of the Impact Project, we aim to improve learners’ results in Science and Maths subjects, equip them in transitioning from Grade 10 to Grade 11 and assist learners in transitioning to science streams. However, the goals of this project do not stop with learners, but focuses on their respective leaders, teachers, and the education system itself.  

To achieve our goals, the Camara Learning Studio (CLS), powered by Kolibri, © Learning Equality, has been developed for the purpose of delivering Ethiopian curriculum aligned content, designing learning assessments, and tracking student progression throughout the duration of the project. In addition to granting access to the CLS, Camara Education will be conducting a ICT Skillbuilder for Educators Programme and the Camara Learning Studio Programme for Educators in order to support educators to integrate the learning platform into their teaching. Furthermore, we plan on providing ongoing educational support to teachers to aid in the integration of the programme. Additionally, the project will provide leadership training for school leaders, networking of the eLearning Centres, technical and maintenance support as well as ongoing monitoring & evaluation visits.

In continued partnership, Camara Education and the Ministry of Education have found inspiring new ways of working together to develop the Ethiopian education sector.

Camara Education is proud to be an ICT in Education leading organisation in Ethiopia and to count on the Ministry of Education’s support to deliver a successful and impactful project in the Ethiopian Secondary School System.

Pictured: Students and representatives from The Ethiopian Ministry of Education at Worabe Secondary School

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