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Youth skills scholarships in Zambia

The Kabwe School of Continuing Education in Kabwe, about 140km north of Lusaka, Zambia, functions both as a traditional school and a skills institute, offering young individuals practical training in fields such as Electrical Engineering, Computer Skills and other specialisms that equip the students to contribute actively to society.

The equipment in the school was provided thanks to funding from Lenovo, facilitating hands-on computer studies and enhancing access to educational resources across various subjects.

Students can apply for scholarships with the support of the government through Community Development Funds (CDF). These scholarships provide an opportunity to acquire skills from the institution, with full funding from the CDF. Kabwe School of Continuing Education’s principal, Mrs Chimbeza, is keen to urge administrators from other schools to help spread the word and encourage their students – especially girls – to apply for these scholarships.

Principal Chimbeza

Shown in the pictures below and at the top of the page are students engaged in Computer Studies within the skills section. During a recent activity they were installing CMOS batteries in the computers, ensuring accurate system dates. They’re not just learning, but utilizing their acquired skills to assist the school in reducing maintenance expenses!

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